Pushing Past My Comfort Zone… Again.

Today is my last day in Saskatchewan. I’m about to embark in another unknown journey that may change my life for the better or worse. I’m saying this because I’ve just left my cushy job of 4 years in Saskatchewan – my home for 10 years. I’m sad about leaving my friends and former co-workers(who are also my friends) because I’ve “done it again” – moving

The Real Face of Dangerous Places

As another uneventful day unfolds, my coworker showed me “where to put the brochures”. Not that I don’t know where they go. Besides, I’ve been putting away brochures for 3 years since I started working here. I simply wanted to get another idea that I may not already know and probably to amuse myself as well. That backfired but what she told me was rather interesting – for me, at least.

Relaunching Myself Over and Over Again

In July of last year, I took an oath to be a Canadian citizen. I felt an instant euphoria that lasted a few weeks after fading back to reality.

“Now what’s next?” is the question that has been nagging me since then. I’ve been in my current job for over 3 years. My house situation seems more concrete than my marriage – I insist that my marriage is fine but needs a “refreshment”. My progress in life feels slow now that I realized it’s been 10 years since I first moved to Saskatchewan. All this is a product of the dreaded stagnation that will eventually drive me insane if I don’t deal with it now.

My travel bug is bothering me again… Time to make some changes it says.