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On Canada Day

I originally wanted to celebrate Canada day and watch fireworks in Kanata because the event is bigger with more vendors. But, Les and I somehow ended up in Carleton Place thinking that it’s less busy and more likely to find parking space easily. Besides, we like the venue – Riverside Park! It turned out to be great with bands that play different genres, several vendors that sold shakes, lemonade and good food. There were also activities for kids and face painting. Best of all, the fireworks display in Carleton Place was way better than I expected. My video here doesn’t do it justice at all because my phone is getting really low on battery. I only managed to get 1 minute of the 20-minute fireworks show. I wish I captured the last 7 minutes of it because those were the best.

The only bummer was the mosquitos but we forgot to bring bug spray, so that’s on us. It was still a great Canada!

Relaunching Myself Over and Over Again

In July of last year, I took an oath to be a Canadian citizen. I felt an instant euphoria that lasted a few weeks after fading back to reality.

“Now what’s next?” is the question that has been nagging me since then. I’ve been in my current job for over 3 years. My house situation seems more concrete than my marriage – I insist that my marriage is fine but needs a “refreshment”. My progress in life feels slow now that I realized it’s been 10 years since I first moved to Saskatchewan. All this is a product of the dreaded stagnation that will eventually drive me insane if I don’t deal with it now.

My travel bug is bothering me again… Time to make some changes it says.