Pushing Past My Comfort Zone… Again.

Korean Air

Today is my last day in Saskatchewan. I’m about to embark in another unknown journey that may change my life for the better or worse. I’m saying this because I’ve just left my cushy job of 4 years in Saskatchewan – my home for 10 years. I’m sad about leaving my friends and former co-workers(who are also my friends) because I’ve “done it again” – moving to another place after so many years. My built-in excuse is that my husband made me, but the truth is, I kinda want to move as well and endure another big wave of change to avoid stagnation.

To numb myself of the pain, I’ve strategically decided to go for a 2-month vacation to the Philippines before coming back to my new reality.

Going thru security has been seamless which is great because I’m not a big fan of having to go through security. As much as possible, I only bring a purse with me in flight – or in this case, a foldable overnight bag. I’m short and in my experience, a lot of people in Asian-bound flights would literally trample all over you just to be the first to get off of the plane. It would be super hard for me to takeout my bag from the overhead compartment.

I recommend you get these travel essentials to help keep you comfortable during your flight. Although, keep in mind that buying the cheapest items isn’t always the best move(I know, I’ve learned my lesson before… in transit!) And so, these items below are reasonably priced but durable because buying good quality items don’t need to break your wallet.


I flew WestJet from Regina to Vancouver. Then, Vancouver to Seoul with Korean Air. I thought I still had time to get off the airport and take a 1-hr complimentary city tour by Incheon Airport( as part of their tourism efforts), but it’s out of the question because I only have an hour to catch my connecting flight. But, oh! Incheon Airport is so modern and clean. I wish I had more time to eat there, explore and check out some more great things.

Since most stores were still closed when I arrived @ the airport, I only managed to grab a Starbucks coffee.

Then, finally The Manila-bound flight!