Keep Moving

A year ago, my husband expressed his plans to move back to Ontario – (where he is from). I dismissed it thinking that it was another idea that will vanish into thin air. Boy, was I wrong! We really are moving to Ontario and it seems final. This made me sad because I’ve worked @ my workplace for 4 years and my coworkers are my family now… It breaks my heart that I need to quit and I only have a month to give my resignation letter and to pack my bags. The plan is for my husband and father – in – law to move first while I spend 2 months in the Philippines, then come back to Canada but en route to Ottawa.

My brain scanned images of my friends and significant events for the past 10 years starting from when I first set foot in Weyburn. It didn’t take long before I realized that THIS IS REALLY IT! I’m moving for good. Bittersweet, but good.

The countdown to my Philippine travel starts TODAY!