Why Am I Here?

One coworker asked me today – Why are you here in Canada?

This is what I should be thinking long and hard again after 8 years of staying in Canada.

Initially, my plan was to work @ Subway until my contract is done, get my permanent residence, then move to Toronto and be a graphic designer again… Although, at the back of my mind, I’d like to stay here in Saskatchewan and be a graphic designer. After all, capital cities need media people, right?

Fast forward to 8 years, I got my pr, a husband and a pet! I’ve become a virtual assistant/graphic designer, switching between part-time to casual whichever works for me for a particular time frame. I’ve also worked in sales which really helped me personally and professionally. This is my setup which works perfectly in theory.

My life has been colorful like a fruit salad but it’s getting better every day.

I’ve also applied for my Canadian citizenship…

Then, the next chapter begins…